Tunis Airport Map

Tunis City is a quaint city characterized by desert scenery, golden beaches and the deep blue sea. The city is especially suitable for sun and sea revellers. Located in the heart of North Africa, this city has vast tourist attractions despite its small size.

The city features a maze of stalls and shops which are guaranteed to quench the appetite of any shopaholic. In the evening the streets of Ville Nouvelle, which seem to come alive just then, offer wonderful cafes and restaurants for your tongue’ and tummy’ delight.

If you are a history lover then Tunis City has plenty to offer. The city was founded by Carthagians who were actually Phoenician traders. The ruins of the ancient city of Carthage still exist and offer good touring sites.

The thing which stands out about the city is its panorama; it makes you feel as if you are in two places at once. The city is divided into two – the European quarter with its capacious streets which were built when the French were occupying Tunis, and the Muslim quarter characterised by meandering and narrow streets.

Another piece of history to look out for is the Bardo Museum which has very beautiful ceilings, galleries and cupolas. You can be able to view a collection of bronze artefacts and Roman mosaics when you visit the museum.

The coastal positioning of Tunisia ensures that there are plenty of beaches in the area. The best beaches to go to when you’re in Tunis City are Hammament and Jarbah. The hot weather conditions of the area enable one to have a wonderful beach experience.

Tunisia occupies a part of the Sahara, which is the largest desert in the world. Tourists vacationing in the area are able to get a glimpse of the Saharan oases and the Saharan life in general.

The night action in this city is also very vibrant for those people wishing to party the night away. The ever tranquil streets of Tunis City usually transform at night thanks to the dozens of bars and discos which offer a great nightlife. If you are a party lover then the night life experience in Tunis City is like no other.


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